Provincial Domain Kemmelberg

With its 154 m, the Kemmelberg is the highest peak in Flanders and perhaps the most famous 'mountain' in the Westhoek and West Flanders. Various hiking trails cross the entire domain and offer you beautiful panoramas over West and French Flanders.
You walk on unpaved paths, along forest, meadows, orchards and even vineyards.

Visitors’ Centre as startingpoint for the provincial domain Kemmelberg

The visitors’ centre is housed in the old rectory, just opposite the church of Kemmel. It is the gateway to the adjacent provincial domain Kemmelberg. You can explore the domain via the beautiful, signposted walk of 8 km that starts at the visitors’ centre in Kemmel.

The Provincial domain extension

From this year on, an additional 29.2 hectares of valuable woodland, including the park of the historic ‘Chalet’ mansion, will be added to the walking route that leads up to the Kemmelberg. As a result, the Kemmelberg provincial domain now covers a total area of 190 hectares.

Bluebell flowers

Purple bluebells bloom profusely along the flanks of the Kemmelberg in Heuvelland in April and May. These flowers bloom for only a few weeks each year. A wonderful spring period to explore our forests. On the trails of course.

Discover the Kemmelberg

You can discover the Kemmelberg in various ways. Here you will find a selection of the offer.

- Kemmel Mountain Trail (9,1 km)
- Hiking network Heuvelland more information 

- The West Flemish Mountain Cycle Route (45 km)
- Ghent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields (84,3)
 Westhoek Cycle Network

Free accessible from sunrise until sunset.
Picnic availabilty


Price Free