Provincial Domain Kemmelberg

The purchase in 1995 of 21 hectares of woodland on the summit of the Kemmelberg (Mount Kemmel) marked the first step in the creation of a new provincial domain. In the following years, the provincial administration bought further fields and woods around the hill.
The Kemmelberg is now part of a European nature conservation area. With the extension of the total area of woodland to more than 50 hectares, the province is making an important contribution towards the preservation of Europe's oak woods. The domain as a whole now covers some 159 hectares.

The best way to explore it is by following the provincial walking route (8 km) Kemmelberg, which starts and finishes at the visitors' centre in Kemmel village.
With this free walking map you can discover the provincial domain Kemmelberg.

At the end of April , the slopes of the Kemmelberg are covered in a sea of purple hyacinths. At other times of the year, you can still admire the panoramic views, criss-crossed by a patchwork of vineyards and winding hedgerows. The province manages the pastures and meadowlands in collaboration with local farmers.

Free accessible from sunrise until sunset.
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