A Children's paradise

Come rain or shine, our youngest visitors can always find something to entertain and amuse them, all year round. Experience: hours of indoor and outdoor fun!
You can't download a real adventure ;-)

Your four-legged friend(s)

A walk with a Shetland pony in Heuvelland is more than just a walk. Their paddock is in a peaceful woodland setting, where you can choose your mount before setting off on your nature adventure. Parents can walk along, too, and there is always an experienced guide on hand. He will tell you how ponies communicate and afterwards you will even get the chance to brush one down!
Or maybe you see yourself as a medieval knight? Believe it or not, even this is possible in Heuvelland. We will put you on a horse, give you a lance and see if you can knock down one of the special targets. Sounds easy? Just wait till you have a go!


With seven nature reserves, as well as recreational woods and playgrounds in almost every village, not to mention the unique 'play mountain' at the Kosmos or the new celtic playing village that opens in May. You can be certain of one thing: in Heuvelland your kids can run around to their heart's content! Once they discover all this outdoor entertainment, they will soon forget their iPads and their smartphones. In Heuvelland, kids have the time and the space to do what kids do best: play and have fun.

Heuvelland from the air

Heuvelland has magical views and fabulous vistas by the dozen. But how does it look from the air? A cable car ride
- the only one in Flanders - is the perfect way to find out. In 1957, a team of Alpine specialists came all the way from
Austria to erect the ride between the flanks of the Rodeberg and the Zwarteberg. It is a unique experience to glide above the landscape, with the vineyards at your feet, soaking up the envious and admiring glances of the tourists who are too scared to try it for themselves! Mums and dads are also allowed.

Rain, rain go away!

What if the sun forgets to shine? No problem! In Heuvelland, there are lots of fun things to do indoors. In Kemmel there is a child-friendly visitors' centre with a great kids' corner and a child friendly exhibition! Even tilting the ring on a horseback is possible both in- and outdoors. But if you just want some old-fashioned gaming fun, the place to be is the Kids' Brewery in Reningelst. In this renovated brewery you can find a wide selection of board games, family games and the popular children's games of yesteryear. Parents can try the biologically brewed beer; the kids will have to settle for biological fruit-juice, farmhouse ice-cream and home-made klakaards, a local biscuit.

A sporting challenge

Kids love a challenge. So what about a sporting one? Kleine Flandrien is a 17,3 km cycle route for budding
champions, starting at the Kids' Brewery in Reningelst and taking in some fairly stiff climbs and a passage through
Hell Hole Wood along the way. It also passes several typical country taverns, which is great if mum and dad want to
come along. The route is free and details can be obtained from the visitors' centre or the Kids' Brewery.
An attraction in Nieuwkerke gives a whole new meaning to the term 'family walk'. This walk takes you 2,6 km
along what used to be an old tramline. Nothing special? Probably not, were it not for the fact that the kids can tackle
a tricky obstacle course at eight different points en route, including a climbing wall, stepping posts, elephants' feet,
a speleobox and a rope climb. And while the kids are romping about, the parents can enjoy themselves in their
own more relaxed way.