Winegrowing in Heuvelland

Heuvelland is officially recognized as a wine-growing area. This means that the wine of the di‘ erent wine-makers is thoroughly monitored and checked. If they satisfy the required standards, they are awarded an ‘appellation contrôlée’ label of quality. Heuvelland has been producing BOB wine (BOB is the Dutch abbreviation for ‘protected designation of origin’) since 2005. There are vineyards in seven of the eight villages that together make up the municipality of Heuvelland.

Viticulture is a tourist attraction and is therefore of signifi cant economic importance. What’s more, this value is sustainable: wine-growing is a traditional process based on natural raw materials.

 Vintage Heuvelland

Vintage Heuvelland groups together 19 vineyards in the Westhoek. Of these 18, Domaine La Bicoque, Reyngaard and ‘t Zwaluwnest are not commercial enterprises. In recent years, we have determined that six wine domains have established a serious expansion. Five new winemakers start with a new domain and vineyard. At the present time, we cultivate 14% of the total area in Belgium under vines, which is good for 200,000 bottles each year. The wine-growing area currently counts 45 hectares.

Wine brochure 'Winegrowing in the Westhoek'

In the wine brochure 'Winegrowing in the Westhoek' you discover everything about winegrowing: the secret of the terroir, the regional products, about the vineyards itself and their products, suggestions about exploring the wine region, events connect with wine, group arrangements connected with wine and Heuvelland wine in the food service industry and local shops.

Lots of restaurants/pubs serve local wine of Heuvelland. They are Vintage Heuvelland ambassadors.

The wine brochure 'Winegrowing in the Westhoek' is available at the Visitor's Centre or you can download it here.


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