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  • Bayernwald (Bayern Wood)

    This unique German site is located between the villages of Wijtschate and Voormezele. The site consists of two mine galleries, a mine shaft, a trench system and five bunkers. It ...


  • Bayernwald cycling route

    Located at an elevation of 40 metres, Bayernwald has great military and strategic value. Holding high ground offers armies an advantage: a good view of the enemy front line. Start: Wijtschate...

  • Mijnenslag_detail

    Cycling route 'Mine Battle' 14 - 18

    Cycling route 'Mine Battle' (43 km) takes you along the places where 19 mines exploded on 7th June 1917. The cyling route is 43 km and signposted. Start: Visitor's Centre, Sint ...