Vineyard Koudekot

Koudekot has three different types of grape, all blue varieties that share the common characteristic of early ripening.
This is essential for the making of highquality still wines in a northern climate. In addition to red and rosé, with two of these varieties it is also possible to make white wine; namely, the Blanc de Bleu from the Blauer Zweigelt and the Blanc de Noir from the Frühburgunder, which used to be known as Pinot Noir. Nouternaar, a regional product based on apples, is another Kodekot speciality. The constant striving for top quality, combined a never-ending search for the right balance between bio-cultivation
and traditional cultivation techniques in the battle against plant diseases, means the need to accept lower yields.
As a result, the supply of Koudekot wines is limited.

Wine assortment: red (Regent-Zweigelt), red (Frühburgunder), Blancde Bleu (Blauer Zweigelt white), Blanc de Noir (Frühburgunder white), rosé (Regent), Nouternaar (half-dry apple wine)

Hours of opening:
Saturday from
10.00-12.30 and 13.30-17.30;
on other days by appointment.
Group visits are always possible by appointment for a minimum of 10 persons, €7 per person.

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Standard € 6,50
Extra information Vanaf 10 personen (max. 32 personen)


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