Vineyard Klein Rijselhoek

After first planting a trial vineyard, in2009 Peter Vandamme was able to start as a wine-grower in the Heuvelland BOB region. His 1-hectare plot is situated at the foot of the Rodeberg on a steep slope. The soil is a mixture of clay, loam and ironstone, which is ideal for growing vines. He opted for fungus-resistant varieties: Regent, Cabernet Cortis and, more recently, Souvignier Gris.

Wine assortment: Regent-Cabernet (red), Seyval (white) and Solaris
Visit possible on request.

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Standard € 6,00
Extra information €6 pp (kinderen idem) / Min. €48 per groep / €1 pp toeslag op zondag


Offer: Group trip
Offer: Visit vineyard
Village: Loker
Village: Loker
Eat and drink: Local products

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