Black Mountain: a mythical place where the old border posts of yesteryear can still be seen. Twenty to thirty thousand walkers visit here during the season. The numerous shops offer a wide range of souvenirs, chocolate, abbey beers and much, much more.
It is also where you can enjoy a great lunch on the terrace of the Helios Tavern. A delightful spot on the summit of the Black Mountain, facing due south and just a stone’s throw from Boeschepe, the abbey on Cat’s Hill and the ‘Entre Deux Monts’ valley.
It is the ideal place to sit and relax under a parasol on a hot summer’s day. You will be welcomed by Blandine, the owner, and her friendly and dynamic team. Chef Yannick and his enthusiastic kitchen colleagues will already be preparing the very best
dishes on the charcoal fire. We can offer you a varied menu between 11.30 and 15.00. From 15.00 to 18.30 you can sample
our delicious made-while-you-watch pancakes and crispy Brussels waffles. There is also a fine selection of ice-creams, including
the incomparable ‘Merveilleux’ and ‘Incroyables’, created by our good friend, Fred of Lille.
In short, the Helios Tavern is a not to be missed ‘place to be’, where you can first enjoy our house Sangria, one of our many fine beers or another of our regional specialities before tucking in to the gastronomic delights on our menu. We look forward
to seeing you soon.


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