Reyngaard Estate

Jan and Mieke offer an ‘in home’ cooking and catering service, which explains their fascination for wine.
In the spring of 2012, Jan planted 196 vines of the Regent variety. His plan, as a counterbalance to his busy catering
business, was simply to seek relaxation and enjoyment from the pleasure of working outdoors and attempting to
create a product of the highest quality. As an ‘amateur’ grower, he later decided to add 40 Auxerrois and 40 Pinot Gris,
bringing the total to some 280 vines -the maximum at the present location. The Reyngaard Estate only makes red
and rosé wines from the Regent variety. Regent gives very dark and spicy wines, with aromas of woodland fruits, black
pepper and just a hint of vanilla. They also make white wine from the grape varieties Auxerrois and Pinot Gris,
which produces a silent wine.

  • Area planted with vines: 280 plants
  • Grape varieties: Regent, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois Blanc
  • Wine assortment: white, red and rosé wines

Practical info

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  • Contact details: 
    Koudekotstraat 44, 8951 Dranouter
    + 32 495 17 26 58

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  • From 30 November -0001 tot 30 November -0001


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Village: Dranouter
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Village: Dranouter
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  • Open

  • From 30 November -0001 tot 30 November -0001