't Zwaluwnest Estate

‘t Zwaluwnest Farm and Bed & Breakfast is situated on the fringes of the rural village of De Klijte, the smallest of the sub- municipalities of Heuvelland. The farm has a truly wonderful location, covering more than 2 hectares of scenic agricultural land at the foot of a group of small hills, surrounded by green meadows and the ripening crops in the fields. The first vines in ‘t Zwaluwnest
Estate were planted in 2013, with further extensions being made each subsequent year. The first grapes were plucked in 2015, allowing the first of their promising wines to be tasted.

  • Area planted with vines: 1 ha
  • Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois
  • Wine assortment: white, red, rosé wine

Practical Info

  • visits possible by appointment
  • Contact details:
    Reningelststraat 82, 8954 De Klijte
    + 32 486 54 19 58

  • Open

  • From 30 November -0001 tot 30 November -0001


Price Free


Offer: Visit vineyard
Eat and drink: Local products

  • Open

  • From 30 November -0001 tot 30 November -0001