't Sparhof

Restaurant ‘t Sparhof was originally the Struye family farm on the edge of the Helleketelbos between Poperinge, Watou and Abele. When the Helleketelbos opened in ’74, the family started selling beers from the garage.
Over the years, ’t Sparhof grew to become a thriving family hospitality business in the countryside, where you can enjoy anything from a snack to a full culinary experience.
't Sparhof is located in a beautiful historic rural environment with many walking opportunities. Here in Flanders Fields, you are a stone’s throw from numerous war monuments. Poperinge is also known for its beer and hops.
You will be warmly welcomed at ’t Sparhof even just for refreshments – two terraces offer the perfect spot to have a relaxing time with friends or family.

Looking forward to seeing you in 't Sparhof!

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