't Hellegat

At the top of the Rodeberg in Westouter, at the border of the “Kotje Pieper” forrest, you can find a unique place in this beautiful region. ’t Hellegat is an atmospheric, nostalgic spot where time stood still. From the street terrace, there is a breathtaking view on the North of France. In a rustic setting, chef Kristof and hostess Anja welcome their customers with simple delights. Tasteful and authentic dishes as it were straight form Grandma’s kitchen.
’t Hellegat serves you seasonal dishes, from stews in the winter to fresh salads in the summer. The impressive beercart offers both trappist beers as a nice assortment of regional beers. Not only at the table but also in the garden (with bouncy castle), children
can have plenty of fun. Various popular games are available. Who wants to enjoy a game with some competition, can let some steam off on a game of Kubb.

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Village: Westouter
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Village: Westouter
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