Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery

Spanbroek mill - 'molen' is the Dutch word for 'mill' - stood to the south-west of the village of Wijtschate. The cemetery lies slightly to the east of the original mill site, just south of the Wijtschate- Kemmel road.

58 soldiers from the United Kingdom are buried here, of whom six are unidentified. 57 of these soldiers died on the opening day of the Battle of Messines Ridge on 7 June 1917. The remaining soldier died on the second day of the battle. With one exception, all the casualties belonged to the 36th Ulster Division.
The battlefield cemetery was destroyed during later fighting but was relocated after the war. However, six of the graves could no longer be found and the soldiers concerned are now commemorated by special memorials.

The cemetery covers an area of 304 m² and is enclosed by a brick wall. It can only be approached along a track through the surrounding fields.


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