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  • WandelnetwerkHeuvelland_Juni2023

    Heuvelland Walking Network

    Welcome to Heuvelland, a hiking paradise! Holloways and hidden passages snake up the wooded hill sides. Logging trails traverse marshlands and church lanes criss-cross charming villages. You can...

  • Het Stiltepad_kaart

    The Silence Path

    Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to leave behind the non-stop flood of e-mails and text messages, to hit the pause button and ...

  • Entre-Deux-Monts route

    Entre-Deux-Monts Route

    The vineyards of Entre-Deux-Monts are spread throughout Heuvelland in order to profit from the right terroir and location. During the free EDM-route you'll go from one vineyard to another....