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  • WandelnetwerkHeuvelland_Juni2023

    Heuvelland Walking Network

    Welcome to Heuvelland, a hiking paradise! Holloways and hidden passages snake up the wooded hill sides. Logging trails traverse marshlands and church lanes criss-cross charming villages. You can...

  • Het Stiltepad_kaart

    The Silence Path

    Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to leave behind the non-stop flood of e-mails and text messages, to hit the pause button and ...

  • Dagen Wandelgenot_icoon

    Walking wonderland

    When you come to Heuvelland, don't forget to bring your walking shoes! Stretch those legs and enjoy countless kilometres of walking pleasure. Choose the route that suits you best and ...

  • Entre-Deux-Monts route

    Entre-Deux-Monts Route

    The vineyards of Entre-Deux-Monts are spread throughout Heuvelland in order to profit from the right terroir and location. During the free EDM-route you'll go from one vineyard to another....