Heuvelland Silence Candle

Take home the fragrance of Heuvelland and enjoy the inner peace it provides. These candles are made from
soya wax, using traditional craft techniques, and are available in four different aromas.

Earthy fragrance
Aroma of green pine needles leading you to an earthy but sweet woody scent of cedar and cypress.

Fresh cut grass
Sweet, green aroma of freshly cut grass in summer. Like a breath of fresh air in a sunny meadow.

Wood hyacinths
The aroma of real woodland hyacinths. Bring the spring feeling of the Kemmelberg into your home!

Tea & Lotus
Colourful and warming aroma of tea and lotus. Gives off a calming and soothing fragrance.

A natural and stylish addition to your home.

For sale at the desk of Visitor's Centre Heuvelland at €5/piece.


Village: Kemmel
Eat and drink: Local products