Cycle network 'Leievallei & Frans-Vlaamse Heuvels'

The border between France and Belgium has been known for many centuries as 'De Schreve', which literally means 'the line'. It is, in fact, the dividing line between French Flanders and West Flanders. Since April 2019, a brand new cycling networks allows you to explore 'over the line'. The network has more than 830 kilometres of signposted roads and paths, including some 300 new junction points. Thanks to the connection between the new network 'Leievallei & Frans-Vlaamse Heuvels' and the existing Westhoek network, it is now possible to discover the delights of the Zwarteberg (Black Mountain), the Catsberg (Cats' Mountain) and the Casselberg (Cassel Hill) in the same circuit. 
Hundred of kilometres of cycling pleasure guarenteed.