Zero Hour

Prepare your visit to Bayernwald, the Pool of Peace or other WWI sites in Heuvelland by watching the documentary 'Zero hour' in advance. 'Zero hour' is about the underground warfare in the region. Above ground, the war has become bogged down in a war of positions. The Germans converted the heights of Wijtschate and Mesen into an impregnable line of bunkers and trenches. That is why the Allies are trying to undermine their positions underground. The film is a technical tour de force, with 3D images and animations. The highlight is the fateful morning of June 7, 1917, when 19 mines are detonated simultaneously. The film lasts 12 minutes and can be viewed for free on the first floor of the Visitor Center.More information about the Mine Battle itself. can be found on this PDF.

The film lasts 12 minutes and can be viewed free of charge at the first floor of the Visitors Centre.


Price Free