CJT vzw - De Lork

De Lork (non profit organisation Centre for Youth tourism), offering full board accommodation, is an excellent location for open air or nature camps, holiday camps, weekend breaks, educational sessions, family trips or day meetings… Furthermore, it can be used as a retreat centre or training centre. The 47 up-todate equipped rooms offer overnight accommodation for up to 174 people.
There are 7 workshops - one of those is fitted out as nature studio ’t Gapertje -, 3 refectories and a spacious multifunctional room with sporting and other facilities. The “De Lork” domain measures one and a half hectares and its playing fields, adventurous toys and the bonfire area make it an ideal place for cavorting. More attractions can be found just outside of the grounds: the Kemmelberg,
a fit-o-meter, a small football field, playing woods...

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Price Breakfast MAX (per person per night) € 27,98
Price Breakfast MIN (per person per night) € 21,08
Price Fullboard MAX (per person per night) € 46,90
Price Fullboard MIN (per person per night) € 25,50
Price Halfboard MAX (per person per night) € 39,24
Price Halfboard MIN (per person per night) € 24,04


Category: Youth Hostels
Village: Kemmel
Classification: Comfort C
Capacity holiday homes & youth hostels: ≥ 35 pers
Facilities: Accessible for wheel chair
Facilities: Bikes available
Facilities: Playground

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