Our vacation home is very quiet, overlooking the Rodeberg and Hellegat forrest.You can especially enjoy the peace and quiet that nature has to offer.A hike, bike ride or nice quiet meal for the relaxing hedonist…Mountain biking, horseback riding or ride the quad for the more adventurous …It is all here in this beautiful piece of nature surrounded by the small hills of flanders.You are welcome!


Price linnen € 12,00
Price Midweek MAX € 330,00
Price Midweek MIN € 310,00
Price Week MAX € 380,00
Price Week MIN € 360,00
Price Weekend (2 nights) MAX € 230,00
Price Weekend (2 nights) MIN € 210,00
Price Weekend (3 nights) MAX € 280,00
Price Weekend (3 nights) MIN € 260,00


Category: Holiday home
Village: Westouter
Classification: *** / three stars
Capacity holiday homes & youth hostels: 1 t/m 5 pers
Facilities: Pet animals
Facilities: Wifi
Facilities: Playground