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Heuvelland wine, farmhouse, ice-cream, regional beers, our local Picon aperitif...
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The fruit of the vine

Gentle slopes and sun automatically make you think of wine. In Heuvelland as well - because we currently have more
than a dozen excellent winegrowers. Our soil and climate are both ideal, and Heuvelland is now officially recognized as a wine region. This means that our wine carries a quality label. Heuvelland wine is aromatic, with a rich, deep flavour and a high mineral content.
But the Heuvellanders want more than just good wine - and so they have developed new regional products and dishes to go with it. There is also a Vintage Heuvelland bike route, which you can follow by bike or by car. The route takes you to all the vineyards and the best addresses to sample their produce.
Winegrowing even brings an extra dimension to the landscape: with a little imagination, you could almost believe you were somewhere in the sunny South!

Discover here all winegrowers in Heuvelland.

Grote Goesting 2022

In 2022, the Westhoek wants to focus on 'de grote goesting'. In Dutch, if you have a 'grote goesting' for something, it means that you really want to give it a try. As far as our region is concerned, this can mean a delicious local beer, brewed with locally grown hops, but it could also be a homemade Picon aperitif, one of Heuvelland's fine wines, or some of its excellent meat products.
The region's famous 'estaminets' or traditional taverns are the ideal locations for enjoying these authentic local products in a truly convivial atmosphere.
Under the motto 'Searching for the source of everything tasty in the Westhoek', a wide range of different activities will be organised to turn the spotlight on all the many delicious things to eat and drink that are made in our region: unique dinners at exceptional locations, culinary walks, the Traditional Tavern Weekend (Weekend van het Volkscafé), beer and wine tastings, etc.
Discover the full programme in Heuvelland on our website.

Wine and dine

Vines are now very much a part of the Heuvelland way of life, so you must certainly visit a vineyard during your stay.
For some of the 16 winemakers, this is only possible for individual visitors with an appointment. Others have fixed
hours of opening. Please consult our or their website for further details.
Visiting a vineyard in a group is recommended. During your visit, you will learn everything about how Heuvelland wine is made, from vine to bottle. This not only offers a fascinating insight into the life of a winegrower, but also gives you the opportunity to sample their excellent produce. And if you like what you taste, you can stock up your own wine cellar on the spot!

Brew and taste!

Until last year, there were 16 wine growers and makers in Heuvelland, but not a single beer brewer. In a land like Belgium, famed for its beer, this was simply not acceptable! Thankfully, the opening of the De Moare brewery and De Keuken, a brewing workshop, has now rectified this omission.
At the end of last year, the De Moare brewery installed its brewing vats in a building on the south side of the Kemmelberg. This new brewery is open to visitors, who can watch demonstrations of the brewing process as they sample some of the delicious house beers.
Do you fancy brewing your own beer with your friends? If so, De Keukenbrouwerij - a brewery workshop in the village of Loker, opened by Olivier Verledens - is just the place for you. Olivier organises brewing workshops for groups of up to 8 people. His 'all-in ' concept is unique in Belgium and takes participants through every stage of the brewing process: grinding, mashing and boiling, as well as offering an introduction to the different ingredients, materials and equipment involved. Of course, tasting is also an important part of the workshop and visitors will get to sample different types of beer from several West Flanders breweries. So what are you waiting for!

Take home a little piece of Heuvelland

Do you want to enjoy our tongue-tingling products in the comfort of your own home? 'Appellation Heuvelland' is the
ideal solution: a regional basket, packed full with traditional craft-made products. You can choose from baskets costing 30, 40 or 50 euros. The baskets contain a choice of our aromatic wines, potent beers, hivefresh honey, farmyard cold meats and other traditional local produce. The more you pay, the more you get. Can you really say 'no'?

Picnic box full of appetite

Picnic ok, but lugging a heavy picnic basket? A delicious picnic 'Box full of appetite' with regional products is available as an alternative at the agreed time. You can choose from four exclusive picnic spots from which you can start a walk or bike ride before or after the picnic.

Short Chain Map

If you buy our local specialities directly from the producers, you will be buying super-fresh, super-healthy and super-delicious products at their very best. The Short Chain map will allow you to discover a wide selection of farmhouse shops, food dispensers, markets and collection points. The map can be requested for free at the Visitors Centre.

  • Streeklekkers
  • Sint-Laurentiusplein 1
  • 8956 Kemmel
  • Belgium


Taste: Eat and drink
Village: Kemmel

  • Streeklekkers
  • Sint-Laurentiusplein 1
  • 8956 Kemmel
  • Belgium