Regional treats

Heuvelland wine, farmhouse, ice-cream, regional beers, our local Picon aperitif...
Try them here or take them home to enjoy.
Enjoy: local flavour!

The fruit of the vine

Gentle slopes and sun automatically make you think of wine.
In Heuvelland as well - because we currently have more than a dozen excellent winegrowers. Our soil and climate are
both ideal, and Heuvelland is now officially recognized as a wine region. This means that our wine carries a quality label.
Heuvelland wine is aromatic, with a rich, deep flavour and a high mineral content.

Discover here all winegrowers in Heuvelland.

Other Heuvelland goodies

Each region has its own regional products. And Heuvelland is no different. Many of these products make use of our
delicious regional wine. Like our 'mountain rocks'. The rocks and stones in the Heuvelland soil heat up the ground more quickly in spring and keep it warmer for longer in the autumn: ideal for vines!

This phenomenon inspired chocolatier Olivier Verledens from Loker to create his own chocolate version of these rocks,
based on the Pommelle aperitif produced by the Monteberg vineyard. His latest creation is 'Silex', a chocolate flavoured
with Eau devin from the Entre-Deux-Monts wine estate. 

In similar vein, Stefanie and Stijn at the 'Lindebos' farmhouse butchers in Wijtschate make their own Vintage paté, in which the meat is first marinated in Vintje: a distillate based on wine produced by the vintners of Vintage Heuvelland vzw.

Last but not least, you can find Heuvelland 'Vintage' icecream and sorbets, made with Heuvelland red wine, at 'Vers
van de Hoeve' (Fresh from the Farm) in Wijtschate. The Coupe Picon or Coupe Entre-Deux-Monts from the SurprICE icesalon are also well worth a try. Scrumptious!

In addition to wine, Heuvelland also produces a number of beers: two pale beers - De Bosgeus and Saison Borelle - and
a brown beer: J.J. Crowe. Saison Borelle is brewed with 100% organic ingredients. It was originally developed for the
'Borelle' in Dranouter, a popular annual festival in which the local people 'chase away' the winter and welcome the spring. J.J. Crowe was specially brewed in remembrance of a British soldier who took part in the Battle of Nieuwkerke at the end of April 1918, which was fought in and around what is now the Bosgeus youth hostel.

Picnicking the West Flanders way

So far we haven't even mentioned our hard-working farmers! They offer you the option to enjoy a delicious picnic
consisting entirely of regional products from West Flanders. You can collect the picnic to consume elsewhere or can
eat it on the farm: in a meadow, in the farmyard or on the sun terrace. You can order your 100% West Flemish picnic
from 't Lindebos in Wijtschate or the Monteberg vineyard in Dranouter.

Searching for a great place to picnic? There are dozens of them in Heuvelland! In addition to benches and picnic tables,
many locations also have play equipment, so that the kids can romp to their heart's content while their parents enjoy
the beauty of our landscape.

Discover here all picnic areas in Heuvelland.

  • Streeklekkers
  • Sint-Laurentiusplein 1
  • 8956 Kemmel
  • Belgium


Taste: Eat and drink
Village: Kemmel

  • Streeklekkers
  • Sint-Laurentiusplein 1
  • 8956 Kemmel
  • Belgium