Cordoba Chair Lift

Heuvelland has magical views and fabulous vistas by the dozen. But how does it look from the air? A cable car ride - the only one in Flanders - is the perfect way to find out. In 1957, a team of Alpine specialists came all the way from Austria to erect the ride between the flanks of the Rodeberg and the Zwarteberg. It is a unique experience to glide above the landscape, with the vineyards at your feet, soaking up the envious and admiring glances of the tourists who are too scared to try it for themselves! Mums and dads are also allowed.

In July and August open every afternoon.
From May until October only open on Saturday and Sunday.
Out of Season only open on Sunday.


Standard € 5,00
Group: min. 20 Persons € 4,00 per person