Heuvelland: the sweet taste of paradise 40th Zoetemarkt

01 April 2019 - 03 November 2019

An exhibition in the St. Laurentius Church in Kemmel tells the colourful 40-year history of the 'Zoetemarkt' - an annual fair celebrating sweets, cakes and pastries in all their many delicious forms. The Zoetemarkt is inextricably linked with the unique 'Dries': the village green where markets and events have been held for centuries. The Zoetemarkt's theme is more than just local. So is the public it attracts. Stallholders and visitors travel from all over the region. The traditions associated with baking cakes and sharing sweets are closely connected with the ancient cycle of the seasons, and tell us much about life and its celebrations in olden times. Some other events also leave a 'sweet' trail, like the Borelle with its 'patacons'. The exhibition charts the evolution of confectionery over the years, from a basic foodstuff to a 'democratic' luxury product.

Heuvelland: Om van te snoepen! 40ste Zoetemarkt


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Heuvelland: Om van te snoepen! 40ste Zoetemarkt