At the bar in Café Pax

After the First World War, the local community recovered quickly.
Returnees, stayers, newcomers and visitors all met in the inns and taverns. Tourists also soon found their way back to the hills of south-west Flanders. Café Pax recreates the atmosphere of life in the temporary buildings of the post-war reconstruction period. The attic of the visitors centre will be transformed into a barrack tavern, where villagers come to socialise. They will tell you what the region was really like just after Great War.

Open from 8th June 2020 to 10 November 2011 during the opening hours of Visitors' Centre Heuvelland.
Location: Visitors' Centre Heuvelland, Sint-Laurentiusplein 1, 8956 Kemmel

  • From 8 June 2020 tot 11 November 2021


Price Free

  • From 8 June 2020 tot 11 November 2021