Mini-expo 'A forgotten German story'

08 December 2018 - 30 December 2018

From 8th December 2018 untill 30th December 2018

This summer, a large-scale excavation was carried out at Wijtschate, Messines ridge, on the site of the former Castel Mill, on the northern edge of the village. During the First World War this location was strategically important, some of the bloodiest fighting took place there in 1914, 1917 and 1918. This high-profile archaeological project, mainly financed by international support through crowdfunding, resulted in large amounts of information and a vast quantity of excavated and recovered artefacts. At this moment, the archaeologists are currently working on the post-excavation research and analysing all the recovered data, along with cleaning and cataloguing the artefacts.

In December the first results will be presented to the public (, where some of the top finds will be on display in the Visitor Centre at Kemmel at the first floor.

Mini expo 'A forgotten German Story'


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Mini expo 'A forgotten German Story'